Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our 3-part documentary series, Siubhal nan Salm ('Journey of the Psalms') is to be broadcast on BBC ALBA again this week.

Broadcaster and Mod Gold Medallist, Mary Ann Kennedy, travels from the Scottish Highlands across the Atlantic to the US, to examine the theory that there is a direct link between Gaelic Psalm singing and African American Gospel music. On her journey she meets the originator of the theory, Willie Ruff, a noted jazz musician and Professor of Music at Yale University; internationally recognised Gospel singer Dr Bobby Jones, and many other experts and musicians who will argue for and against the case.

Finally Professor Ruff's ideas are put to the test when two choirs meet and sing together - one from Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides and the other from Alabama in America's deep south.

Will there be a resonance? Will the choirs recognise a common heritage?

See the first programme of the series on Sunday 12th April at 19:30 on BBC ALBA, Freeview channel 8 / Sky channel 143.